rF2 Physics Calculator

rF2 Physics Calculator is a HDV, engine.ini and ultrachassis.ini file generator. This is an extension of previously released “rF2 Susp Ultrachassis Generator” into a more complete, and useful package.

The included example is the FISI 2012 car that we released an update to not long ago. As there have been updates since, the HDV you can copy from this file is not directly the same, and is actually a slightly newer and more accurate version than the public release. Due to the fact that it ouputs the FISI HDV file, you will be able to see workings for this vehicle (although some things were calculated elsewhere with numbers plugged in).

Again, this is in early stages with more features being planned. This spreadsheet is not for the faint hearted and requires an amount of dedication to extract the most from. That said, feedback is welcome both in usability and functionality and we hope you find it both useful and logical.

It requires LibreOffice 4.4.7 and is untested on any other software.