Introducing the GT Pro & Challenge Series 2020

Dive into the exciting world of the rFactor 2 GT Pro Series, with close and thrilling racing, and incredible prizes, will you become our  GT Pro Series World Champion!

Fight every round for maximum points and move up the grids until you can lift the trophy!

6 exciting race events, both for GT Challenge Series and GT Pro Series, will see top sim racing talent battle it out for the lead. While there is a chance for the best GT Challenge Series drivers to move up to GT Pro Series after every season, the GT Challenge Series itself is more fluid, so you have to defend your slot in the top grid at any time. Watch all the action live on our broadcast and feel the excitement of top-notch sim racing.

Watch all the action live on and feel the excitement of top-notch sim racing.

GT Pro Prizes


GT Pro Season 2

The GT Pro Series races will take part on Monday evenings and will be broadcast on rFactor 2 Twitch and ‘The Race’ media network.

12 October: Sebring
26 October: Portland
9 November: VIR
23 November: Nurburgring
7 December: Indianapolis
21 December: TBA

Race day details:
Race length: 15/45 minutes
Pro Race day: every other Monday


19:00 – Open practice
20:00-20:15 – Qualifying
20:15 – Race start sprint
20:30 – Race ends
20:30 – Break
20:40 – Race start main

GT Challenge Season 2

The GT Challenge Series races will take part on alternate Monday evenings and will be broadcast on media networks – Times in CET.

Season schedule:
19 October: Sebring
2 November: Portland
16 November: VIR
30 November: Nurburgring
14 December: Indianapolis
28 December: TBA

Race day details:
Race length: 15/45 minutes
Pro Race day: every other Monday


19:00 – Open practice
20:00-20:15 – Qualifying
20:15 – Race start sprint
20:30 – Race ends
20:30 – Break
20:40 – Race start main


So, how does it work!?

Each driver has the chance to move up the grid with our inclusive format.  After the Pro Series Season has finished drivers will be relegated or go into a relegation play-off, where Challenge drivers can also get the chance to move up!

When the Season is finished (so after the 6 race events) the overall results define the drivers for next seasons Pro Series, it looks like this:

Positions 30 – 26 to drop out of pro
Positions 25 – 21 to go into relegation play-off

Positions 1 – 5 to go directly to Pro Series
Positions 6 – 10 to go into relegation play-off

The Relegation Playoff is basically a last chance qualifier, to either make it into Pro Series, or stay in the Pro Series.

One-day race event consisting of 3 Races. Top 5 of that to go into pro, the rest drop out. Drivers dropping out of Pro Series start season 2 in the same way as any other driver, with the need to qualify via the Hotlap Qualifier to get placed in a Split to start the season in. There is no carry-over from Challenge Season to Season.

Also important to know:
There is 1 drop week per season, meaning your worst result in Pro Series/Challenge Series will be deleted at the end of the season. Also the BoP will be reviewed every second race.

Start your engines!

Get ready to take on some of the greats in GT3 racing!  Featuring multiple manufacturers, all with different specifications and homologated to create great on track action.

If you have all the content and know what to do enter now. Otherwise read our mini guide below!

What do I need to start?

Before you begin, if you haven’t already, you will need to have a copy of rFactor 2 installed.

Step 1

Firstly create a Steam account, download and install rFactor 2 here

Then you will need to purchase the cars that is required for the competition, qualifiers are Radical GT3 and for the season you need to own all the GT3 that is released and the tracks the series uses.

Once installed, we suggest you setup your wheel and options in single player.

See here for a guide on what to do with your install

Step 2

You are ready to go! Click here to enter the GT Challenge Series competition.

Log into our competition system with your Steam account. Just click on the “Sign In” and follow the steps according to steam.

After that, you can subscribe to the current event.

If you don’t have an account on our competition system yet, you will need to fill in those details and create one.

After you’ve done this, it´s time to sign up.

Make sure you read the terms & conditions and our code of conduct

The next step shows you the current session running, info about the event etc.

On the bottom left you will find the join button to enter the hotlap servers to create your fastest laptime on track.

Before you hit “join session”, make sure you got Steam open, rFactor 2 installed, as well as the needed content for that round.

You will likely see a pop-up looking similar to this, make sure to Open Steam Client Bootstrapper here.

Steam will then notify you about joining the server. This won’t pop up into to foreground so you might need to click on your steam window to see and accept it.

Choose your car livery, click on race and off you go.

During the session you can adjust your car settings to your liking. Good luck!


Alongside our code of conduct,  we will use the following exceptions to the standard rulebook. Rules are currently being prepared for a new season

Races will have:

-Weather scripted on race day (announced in a forum post)

Points system:


Just some hotlap/time trial rules, we will be reviewing all laps that qualify in the top-30 and performing spot-checks, those that do not observe correct driving may have their lap removed or will be disqualified (DQ)

  • Observe the track limits at all times, if we observe track cutting that is unrealistic with all wheels in an off-track position the lap will be invalidated
  • Do not use off-tracks prior to the lap starting to gain speed
  • Do not use external software to modify performance
  • Respect your competitors

Good Luck!