rF2 Physics Calculator Rejuvenated

As implied by the title, this blog will actually cover a new spreadsheet release. This will be a relatively short entry.

Getting started, this is actually an update of a previous spreadsheet up to V0.33 (up from 0.23). The rF2 Physics Calculator, as it were, has been refreshed, with a few bug fixes, many new features and much improved feel and aesthetics. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, I strongly recommend to download LibreOffice 5.2.7 (or 5.3.7) from libreoffice.org, as one or two new features are necessary for the spreadsheet to output correct data.

So what’s changed? I won’t bore you with all the details (though you can check the spreadsheet for most of the boring details), suffice to say that there has been some effort made to usability, presentation, and accuracy. There are more outputs, more displays, and should slightly improve the speed of producing something tangible.

As you may be acclimatised to, the base data set is that of the FISI 2012. That is, if you take the outputs of the spreadsheet (orange tabs), you’ll end up with the latest spec FISI 2012 physics parameter files. These files correspond to the HDV, engine.ini, gear.ini (optional) and ultra chassis.ini. There is also a headphysics.ini output, but this is purely graphical (cockpit camera) and does not alter the vehicle physics, finally, new is a damage.ini output too. If you had managed to become proficient with the older spreadsheet, the new one should feel familiar and somewhat refined version of it, with more features. Our recently updated FISI 2012 has these latest physical parameters, and I hope you will have found the car more approachable and intuitive to drive. The car itself has tweaked aerodynamics, all the latest features, and benefits from some small spreadsheet bug fixes.

There are always improvements to be made, and I will attempt to keep this spreadsheet up-to-date as new features are added to rF2. But for now, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Hope you modders out there find this tool useful!

Grab it here: